Poor Backlinks

Get Poor Backlinks of your website and your competitors

What are poor backlinks?

The term “backlink” simply refers to links from other websites that point to your website. If your site has a lot of poor quality backlinks, this can negatively affect your search engine rankings. Most webmasters don’t have much control over these external sites, but here’s how to use our tools to fix them.

  • Use Our Backlink Checker Tool: We’ve created this special tool to help you find any bad backlinks that may be pointing to your site. Simply enter your domain name and click Search. You’ll be presented with a list of potential spammy connections along with their URL’s.
  • Fix Your Bad Links: Now that we know where to look, we need to figure out how to remove the bad links. This is something that should only be done after consulting with a professional SEO consultant. We recommend using a service like www.DigiStroma.com as they specialize in fixing broken backlink issues.

What are weak backlinks?

A link is simply a connection between two websites. A backlink is a form of link that points from your website to someone else’s. Backlinks can help improve search engine rankings & they’re considered some of the best ways to get links for SEO (search engine optimization) reasons.

It has been proven that if you’ve got high-quality, relevant backlinks pointing to your site then Google will rank your site higher than sites without them.

Disadvantages of poor backlinks

  1. No PageRank (PR): A high PR page is very important to your website ranking. If it has no PR, then it will not receive any traffic. Your site can have many links pointing to it but it still won’t rank if the pages are low quality.
  2. Low Backlink Diversity: It is important that your links point to different types of pages on your domain. This means that each link should link out to at least 2-4 totally different pages. If they point to only 1 or 2 pages then Google may consider them duplicated content.
  3. Poor Domain Authority (DA): If your DA is too low then there’s a good chance that you’re missing some authority from other websites linking to your site. When building backlinks for SEO purposes, it’s always best to choose sites that already have a lot of authority.