New Backlinks

Get the list of new backlinks list of your website or your competitor’s URL.

What are recently found Backlinks?

Backlink is a link to your website from a different website. In SEO world backlinks are the most important factor that affects rank of a site. Google’s algorithm favors websites having high number of quality backlinks.

If a website has many outbound links pointing to its pages then it is considered as good practice. This is what makes us worry about backlinks. So we need to find out how do we get huge amount of backlinks? Let’s understand the reason behind this problem.

A backlink is an example of a link that is linked from your website to someone else’s site. Backlinks are usually placed by other websites that want potential visitors to visit their sites, but they can also help increase search engine rankings. These types of links are called backlinks.

When someone clicks on a backlink, they will be taken to the linked page. A higher number of high quality backlinks can improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic.

Reason Why We Get Fewer Links?

In recent past few years search engines like google have become smarter and started penalizing those sites who had poor quality backlinks. They started banning those websites from indexing their pages. There were some reasons behind this decision;

  • Poor quality backlinks can hurt user experience: Users want to find relevant information while they search for something online. When they reach a page with irrelevant and low-quality backlinks, they may simply leave the website instead of reading content.
  • Poor quality backlinks may give wrong impression about the website: If a user sees a long list of keywords in the backlink profile, he/she might think that the website owner is trying to promote his/her business through spamming other websites.

How to use this New Backlinks Finder tool?

The using of this tool is very easy. Just enter website URL and hit the enter button. You will get the list of all newly generated backlinks with mixed results based on the strength of backlink source. This is must use tool to know the link strength which are healthy or toxic to your site.