High CPC Keywords

High CPC keywords help you increase ad revenue by writing content with high CPC topics and keywords. The following long-tail, high-CPM keywords are target keywords. You can choose any one of the keywords and search for their related keywords by using our keyword research tool.

KeywordSearch VolumeCPCCompetition
motorcycle lawyer near me
chicago mesothelioma lawyers480$81.5Low
mesothelioma lawyer chicago90$40.01Low
motorcycle injury lawyer near me720
texas truck accident lawyer
car accident attorney houston texas880
accident lawyer houston2900
accident attorney san antonio210$445.32
uber accident lawyer2900
car accident injury attorneys390
auto accident attorney california390$80.69
accident lawyers in san antonio texas390$94.88High
motorcycle attorneys near me140$388.89Medium
accident attorney houston texas170$113.55High
18 wheeler accident lawyer san antonio590$55.34Medium
mesothelioma lawyers near me170$410.61Medium
texas auto accident lawyer210$348.16Medium
texas auto accident lawyers210$348.16Medium
accident attorney austin390
ransomware attack prevention480$170.85
car accident law office
motorcycle accident lawyers near me1600$73.01Low
accident injury attorneys near me320$272.3Medium
accident attorneys27100$218.73Medium
18 wheeler lawyer170$379.77Medium
truck accident lawyer atlanta320$253.38
accident lawyer houston texas480$86.44High
truck accident lawyer florida110$59.82Low

The term “CPC” stands for “cost per click” and refers to the cost charged by Google Ads for every individual click. This cost varies depending on where you place the ads and can go up to more than $40. In contrast, CPA stands for cost per acquisition. While this is similar to CPC, the main difference is that you only pay once and then receive a commission as a result.

KeywordCPC in USASearches in USALast updated Date 
motorcycle lawyer near me$501.352103rd December, 2022
how to enable comments on youtube$40013003rd December, 2022
how to promote youtube videos$393.7119003rd December, 2022
how to promote your youtube channel$195.8713003rd December, 2022
lawsuit for mesothelioma$350.0013003rd December, 2022
studio yt$400.0013003rd December, 2022
studio youtube$400.00181003rd December, 2022
create studio youtube$400.00181003rd December, 2022
how much youtube pays$290.0036003rd December, 2022
youtube income$152.2619003rd December, 2022
youtube channel earnings$290.0016003rd December, 2022
moxo login$350.00303rd December, 2022
moxtra$350.0016003rd December, 2022
moxtra price$350.00703rd December, 2022
moxtra app$350.00503rd December, 2022
abogados para accidentes$329.141403rd December, 2022
abogado de accidente los angeles$150.403903rd December, 2022
abogados de accidentes en orlando$500.00903rd December, 2022
abogados para accidentes de carro near me$372.41203rd December, 2022
insurance lawyer$20.9566003rd December, 2022
insurance attorney$28.2329003rd December, 2022
insurance claim lawyer$24.6829003rd December, 2022
car insurance lawyer$103.0913003rd December, 2022
auto insurance lawyer$112.378803rd December, 2022
how to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer$25.104803rd December, 2022
ken nugent albany ga$800.001403rd December, 2022
ken nugent law firm$707.008803rd December, 2022
citi custom cash card$157.05222003rd December, 2022
citi custom cash card reviews$188.6519003rd December, 2022
citi custom cash credit score$188.651703rd December, 2022
pedestrian injury attorneys$424.991103rd December, 2022
pedestrian accidents lawyer$193.0466003rd December, 2022
how long does a car accident settlement take$20.008803rd December, 2022
lawyer for pedestrian hit by car$328.89303rd December, 2022
auto wreck lawyers$434.475903rd December, 2022
best accident lawyer near me$342.7913003rd December, 2022
traffic accident lawyer$414.008803rd December, 2022
injury lawyers phoenix$335.763203rd December, 2022
car accident lawyer phoenix$250.0013003rd December, 2022
work injury lawyer phoenix$300.00503rd December, 2022
accident attorneys in phoenix$300.00103rd December, 2022
big truck accident lawyers$1,000.001403rd December, 2022
tractor trailer accident attorney$251.957203rd December, 2022
big truck attorneys$750.00503rd December, 2022
accident attorney$413.15271003rd December, 2022
law firm for accidents$311.091103rd December, 2022
virtual business phone system$190.342103rd December, 2022
phone system online$200.001103rd December, 2022
virtual telephone system$153.61203rd December, 2022
board of directors software$324.22703rd December, 2022
board governance software$382.813rd December, 2022
best board management software$291.02503rd December, 2022
board management tools$175.00203rd December, 2022
njury lawyer baton rouge$800.002603rd December, 2022
personal injury lawyer baton rouge$800.003903rd December, 2022
class action lawsuit for mesothelioma$300.003203rd December, 2022
asbestos lawsuit$92.0710003rd December, 2022
lawyers for a car accident$358.111350003rd December, 2022
slip and fall lawyer$287.03222003rd December, 2022
best slip and fall attorneys$262.5024003rd December, 2022
slip and fall accident lawyers near me$276.391403rd December, 2022
car wreck attorney near me$530.007203rd December, 2022
call center for small business$130.592603rd December, 2022
how to start a virtual call center$44.541703rd December, 2022
start a virtual call center$162.73703rd December, 2022
small call centers$53.82303rd December, 2022
anderson law firm$849.3113003rd December, 2022
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bingx$992.9816003rd December, 2022
bingx login$35.84503rd December, 2022
bingx trading$684.49303rd December, 2022
collision lawyer near me$400.002603rd December, 2022
malpractice lawyers near me$49.8581003rd December, 2022
medical lawyer near me$55.0024003rd December, 2022
work-related injury lawyers$204.947203rd December, 2022
sell my house as-is for cash$116.8229003rd December, 2022
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outsource development companies$387.50703rd December, 2022
online colleges for business$104.941003rd December, 2022
best car accident lawyer in florida903rd December, 2022
florida auto accident attorney$312.411403rd December, 2022
business degree online classes$108.431703rd December, 2022
how to get an online business degree$90.00903rd December, 2022
earn a business degree online$94.63503rd December, 2022
virtual business phone service$150.062103rd December, 2022
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dog bite lawyers los angeles$750.672603rd December, 2022
best car accident attorneys near me$305.803903rd December, 2022
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google adwords$490.005500003rd December, 2022
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cash for homes california$172.26503rd December, 2022
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motorcycle attorneys near me$484.381703rd December, 2022
houston injury lawyer$1,000.008803rd December, 2022
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ransomware attack prevention$65.972603rd December, 2022
lawyers for a car accident$358.111350003rd December, 2022
car accident law office$268.212603rd December, 2022
18 wheeler lawyer$1,000.002103rd December, 2022
truck accident lawyers san antonio$300.015903rd December, 2022
18-wheeler accident attorney near me$1,000.003203rd December, 2022
accident attorney atlanta$707.008803rd December, 2022
georgia truck accident lawyers$126.501703rd December, 2022
how much is an attorney for a car accident$225.00203rd December, 2022
truck accident lawyer florida$241.811103rd December, 2022
car accident attorney fee$248.601403rd December, 2022
car accident lawyer near me$374.87222003rd December, 2022
motorcycle lawyers$420.0029003rd December, 2022
best motorcycle attorney$254.00303rd December, 2022

What are high CPC keywords?

Understanding PPC advertising can be challenging. The concept of bidding on keywords and paying per click is confusing even to those with experience in traditional advertising. PPC campaigns need to know what keywords drive the highest cost-per-click (CPC). When you know how valuable these high CPC keywords are, you can use them to improve your campaign, cut costs, and boost your return on investment (ROI).

Keywords with a high CPC tend to be longer and less competitive. It will take some trial and error to find these keywords, as well as time spent researching competitors. The list of 30+ AdSense high-CPC keywords below is also useful.

Keywords with a high cost per click are known as “CPC” keywords. Because they are in high demand and have a large number of clicks, they usually have the most competition. It’s based on the number of people searching for that keyword in their search engine and the amount of money they are willing to spend on an ad.

“Plumbers” and “car insurance” are examples of High CPC keywords.

Why do you need to know about high CPC keywords?

Keywords that pay a lot of money for each click they generate are considered high-paying keywords. The conversion rates of these keywords can be attributed to many factors. However, the best high cost per click keywords all share these characteristics:

  • They are specific
  • They are relevant to the searcher’s query
  • People who click on them are ready to buy
  • They have low-competition
  • They have an appropriate search volume
  • They are easy to rank for

The most popular advertising network is AdSense. It can also be very profitable, and you can monetize your website or blog with it.

How to use these High CPC Keywords?

The above-given keywords are high CPC keywords. You can find their search volume and CPC and competition level in the above table.

  • Copy one keyword from the list.
  • Open our Keyword Research tool and paste it into the page to get the relevant keywords.
  • Then start writing with the primary keywords and sprinkle the related keywords within the content. that’s it.

How to find High CPC Keywords by using the SEMrush tool?

To find the High CPC Keywords, you can use another fantastic internet marketing tool SEMrush. It comes with more than 40 inbuild tools. It has a very good keyword research tool to find high CPC Keywords. First your need a SEMrush account.

To start the signup process with your email and authenticate. It comes with both free and premium versions. You can try the tool with the Free version. Once you sign up finishes,

Open the SEMrush tool and enter any popular website like Quora.com, Wikipedia and so. Then go to the Top Organic Keywords area, and click on view full report.

semrush results page

Now it’s redirected to a new page with a complete keywords list with position, Volume, CPC, and Traffic percentage. then click on the CPC column, and choose the descending order option. The High CPC keywords will come first.

organic search positions

You can export the entire list of high CPC keywords as Microsoft Excell or Google Excell.

export the keywords from semrush

Are you impressed with this tool, if yes, you can try this tool as SEMrush 14 days free trial by using my special magic link.

Top 10 AdSense High CPC Countries List

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Finland
  7. Denmark
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany
  10. Switzerland