High CPC Keywords

High CPC keywords help you increase ad revenue by helping you write content with high CPC topics and keywords. The following long-tail, high-CPM keywords are target keywords. You can choose any one of the keywords and search for their related keywords by using our keyword research tool.

Updated on: 03-03-2023

High CPC keywordSearch volumeCPCWord countCompetition
furnace installation calgary32010.073Medium
conjunctival nevus540010.322Low
smith group1480010.322Low
layanan google play adalah21010.324Low
layanan google play apk360010.324Low
layanan google play service48010.324Low
layanan google play update17010.324Low
layanan google play2710010.323Low
best website hosting reddit21010.474Medium
crm software free540010.483Medium
kabel deutschland9050010.552Low
how long does a car accident settlement take88011.098Medium
pumpkin careers540011.12Low
hadoop file system130011.123Low
affordable seo toronto39011.153Low
online graphic design courses in canada32011.186High
deep links meaning100011.193Low
telephone booth boxing39011.33Low
heartbeat ai21011.352Low
google fiber store kansas city14011.355Low
google store in kansas city17011.355Low
free email marketing tools290011.374Medium
injury claim insurance17011.463Medium
everolimus mechanism of action88011.634Low
mold removal baltimore26011.683Low
web design vancouver bc9011.784Low
cat insurance2710012.072Medium
youtube banner examples100012.093Low
accidents calgary160012.362Low
prenatal meaning3310012.382Low
lower east side ecology center59012.385Low
molasses substitute2710012.652Low
cleaning nespresso vertuo360012.853Low
high speed internet houston11012.894Low
fanduel legal in florida210134Low
advertising management software14013.013Medium
what are working capital loans100013.275Low
jasper review100013.342Low
interior house painters100013.363Low
car loans for bad credit ontario21013.476Medium
slot online45000013.512Low
cryptotrading reddit39013.622Low
home warranty solutions choice home warranty9050013.716Low
bathroom remodeling scottsdale21013.743Low
term life insurance9050014.13Medium
junk removal tacoma59014.113Medium
what is vision zero39014.144Low
car insurance comparison ontario11014.24Medium
auto insurance broker ontario14014.254Low
deduction for donating a car9014.265Low
thryv stock100014.272Low
insurance claim lawyer440014.293Low
creating an llc for real estate26014.46Medium
nissan rogue jack location14014.464Low
investigator site file72014.483Low
countertop installation austin9014.53Low
dislyte code redeem100014.523Low
better health counseling160014.533Medium
repipe meaning14014.582Low
b2b leads database39014.663Medium
nissan rogue gas tank size130014.665Low
plumbing newcastle nsw17014.773Medium
home insurance broker ontario11014.84Low
web developers near me440014.884Medium
long distance moving companies ontario11014.945Medium
carpet cleaning temecula48015.053Medium
conversion rate optimization services72015.114Low
small business health insurance new hampshire14015.136Low
seo packages melbourne11015.153Medium
estate planning attorney austin48015.184Low
drug rehab new york city17015.225Medium
adu contractor san diego21015.344High
snapchat ads best practices11015.344Low
peacock showing feathers21015.423Low
shutterstock editorial130015.472Low
how to remove youtube channel160015.475Low
coin flip google16500015.473Low
delete your youtube channel21015.474Low
youtube revenue details11015.473Low
conversion rate optimization agency88015.514Medium
deep links definition39015.563Low
affordable health insurance houston17015.564Low
agile marketing manifesto32015.63Low
professional indemnity660015.622Medium
proactive for her540015.643Low
alice eve45000015.682Low
online casino book of ra240015.715Medium
semrush news21015.82Low
sms campaigns160015.872Medium
bankruptcy lawyers fort wayne32015.884Medium
long distance movers moving feedback17016.0100000000000025High
bankruptcy lawyers memphis tn14016.074Medium
bankruptcy lawyers houston26016.093Medium
seo company temecula26016.23Low
email marketing service290016.233Medium
challenge response100016.252Low
inspire hep2220016.272Low
selling your home by owner160016.295Medium
tulsa website design17016.3299999999999983Low
bankruptcy lawyers memphis17016.373Medium
how to sell a house440016.395Medium
semrush benefits14016.5100000000000022Low
shutterstock downloader without watermark240016.5100000000000024Low
trademark lawyer miami11016.5100000000000023Medium
verizon travel pass2710016.5100000000000023Low
scholarships for military spouses190016.614Medium
solar panels orlando florida11016.644High
seo vancouver washington59016.643Low
content marketing analytics tools11016.664Low
best nyc seo72016.7399999999999983Low
can you download videos from vimeo72016.756Low
software engineer for hire130016.824Medium
dogs pet insurance4950016.843Medium
tree service jacksonville fl100016.8999999999999994Low
email campaigns990016.912Medium
top home warranty company choice home warranty4950016.9200000000000027Low
sell my house fast columbus ohio17017.056Medium
tree service pensacola florida17017.0799999999999984Medium
pool contractors san diego26017.094Medium
hr software2710017.2399999999999982Medium
estate planning attorney orange county32017.2399999999999985Medium
sports gambling georgia17017.253Low
how to start a virtual call center26017.287Medium
remove google account from chrome660017.4400000000000015Low
slot online italia17017.4400000000000013Medium
seo company scottsdale39017.533Low
how to get a loan on your house14017.6000000000000018Medium
semrush offices14017.612Low
best financial reporting software17017.624Medium
landlord house insurance quotes17017.6499999999999994Low
landlord insurance uk360017.6499999999999993Medium
dislyte codes4950017.842Low
best crypto platform australia21017.844Medium
will ai replace programmers reddit26017.865Low
cheap insurance ontario290017.873Medium
inpatient rehab new york11017.874Medium
tom cat bakery88018.0100000000000023Low
shutterstock image downloader360018.053Low
home internet providers in houston17018.055High
seo packages sydney17018.143Low
debt relief illinois21018.223Medium
marketing automation for small business59018.3099999999999995Low
best california movers26018.413Medium
landlord building insurance compare32018.464Low
plumber in oshawa88018.523Medium
mold removal baltimore md11018.524Medium
start a virtual call center11018.525Medium
business start up line of credit48018.536Medium
rental property insurance ontario21018.554Medium
wordpress expert130018.592Medium
wood floor refinishing denver14018.614Medium
home appliance warranty choice home warranty9050018.636Low
mpox who11018.72Low
water softener las vegas88018.714High
how does ramp make money17018.725Low
buying a home loan190018.84Low
william and mary mba tuition3018.8099999999999995Low
tree removal jacksonville fl48018.824Medium
how much do personal injury lawyers charge17018.847Medium
furnace repair winnipeg100018.8500000000000013Medium
phd counselor education and supervision online14018.876Medium
custom font squarespace72018.953Low
sacramento movers160018.9899999999999982Medium
tree removal fredericksburg va26018.9899999999999984Low
long distance movers reviews26019.024Medium
best tax lawyers near me21019.045Medium
advertising management msu11019.0599999999999993Low
tree service pensacola59019.183Medium
tree service leads26019.23Medium
insurance quotes36800019.2399999999999982Medium
investor portal software26019.3099999999999993Medium
home security systems13500019.323High
commercial door repair dallas11019.474Medium
housecall pro4050019.542Medium
debt relief florida100019.553Medium
local movers charlotte nc32019.6000000000000014Medium
ramp business card100019.7399999999999983Medium
landlord building insurance quotes48019.784Low
ppc management agency72019.783Low
docusign clm290019.792Medium
how to find a real estate agent360019.8299999999999987High
insurance quote ontario440019.883Medium
selling a house2220019.913Medium
estate planning attorney jacksonville fl14020.165Medium
how much does contractor insurance cost11020.226Medium
best crypto ira59020.2399999999999983Low
best business broadband uk14020.254Medium
website builder for small business660020.255Medium
car insurance quotes67300020.2600000000000023Medium
sodium oxybate660020.362Low
cloud backup enterprise59020.483Low
online casino de88020.493Medium
how to sell your house360020.535Medium
commercial painting contractors los angeles14020.555Medium
plumber toronto emergency59020.583Medium
solar lead generation companies17020.634Medium
medfit network11020.632Low
sumo squat dumbbell2220020.633Low
link meaning2220020.632Low
local seo melbourne59020.643Low
peacock dance990020.692Low
stock jepi32020.72Low
managed it services vancouver32020.754Low
cheapest landlord home insurance17020.834Medium
landlord building insurance comparison14020.864Low
plumber toronto downtown32020.873Medium
quick cash offer17020.883Medium
bankruptcy lawyers orange county17020.944Medium
best debt management plan17021.024Medium
estate planning attorney las vegas48021.065Medium
peacocks in florida100021.083Low
best life insurance nz59021.084Medium
mold remediation baltimore md9021.184Low
moving company st louis240021.234Medium
beste online casinos190021.243Low
tree service austin190021.253Medium
tree care austin48021.273Medium
sexual assault criminal code88021.344Low
good rehab centers near me21021.45Low
ramp card440021.452Medium
door installation atlanta11021.483Medium
state farm business insurance cost14021.525Low
best place to trade options11021.535Medium
order management system for small business26021.546Medium
lawn care software59021.593Medium
housecall pro pricing59021.613Medium
google pixel 4 xl price in india100021.687High
small business health insurance colorado32021.775Medium
drug and alcohol outpatient treatment32021.815Medium
round robin11000021.812Low
bankruptcy lawyers jackson tn14021.824Low
registered agent service delaware59021.864Medium
online degree programs north carolina14021.885Medium
registered agent service nevada21021.894Medium
mba programs dallas21021.943Medium
registered agent llc texas48021.964Medium
how to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer7202210Medium
get a llc440022.023Medium
looking for life insurance17022.044Medium
second mortgage loan160022.053Medium
seo sydney experts14022.063Low
stockton ac repair14022.113Medium
virtual telephone system9022.163Low
online betting account59022.213Low
how to choose a realtor to buy14022.217Medium
time tracking for contractors26022.364Medium
furnace installation edmonton32022.363Medium
time tracking software construction39022.384Low
registered agent service california26022.424Medium
furnace repair edmonton190022.443Medium
janitorial cleaning near me11022.454Low
lifestyles unlimited660022.492Low
wordpress hosting package26022.53Low
plumbing company knoxville tn11022.544Medium
home improvement secured loans48022.64Low
car donation wizard11022.643Medium
online rn schooling160022.673Medium
sales tax journal entry48022.724Low
best business insurance uk14022.734Medium
balloon blast lazada11022.783High
moving companies katy texas32022.814Medium
online training for employee48022.814Medium
ed meds online440022.893High
plumber in oakville100022.923High
atera it14022.962Medium
auto insurance quotes ontario130022.964Medium
how to choose a realtor880235Medium
painter fredericksburg va21023.183Low
bankruptcy lawyers orlando17023.213Medium
ekonomi hijau160023.252Low
second mortgage lenders48023.263Medium
equipment financing options14023.293Low
roofing scottsdale26023.312Medium
termite inspection san diego39023.334Medium
online casino nz1210023.363Medium
small business health insurance options88023.385Low
age of origins review48023.394Low
personal loan debt consolidation1210023.414Medium
debt consolidation loans low apr17023.425Medium
detox clinic near me100023.434Medium
attorney website design72023.513Low
cheap car insurance ga1480023.554Medium
sitecore services11023.572Low
fire damage restoration cost14023.584Medium
beste online casinos deutschland21023.64Low
best personal loans debt consolidation130023.615Medium
moving companies georgetown texas39023.634Low
best roofing and siding companies near me14023.647Medium
real estate agent generate leads39023.655Medium
legal track software11023.723Medium
best lab grown diamond engagement rings17023.726High
injury claim online14023.753Medium
email marketing automation platforms26023.764Medium
quick business loans for startups17023.785Medium
best realtors in my area32023.85High
door installation austin11023.813High
lio london88023.852Low
small business online banking190023.854Medium
junk hauling denver14023.863Medium
goldco reviews240023.862Medium
debt relief kentucky32023.883Medium
home insurance oklahoma72023.913Medium
delivery routing software88023.973Low
how do i find a real estate agent11023.978High
carpet water damage sydney110244Medium
lifequote insurance39024.092Low
ramp expense management59024.163Medium
truck insurance companies440024.183Low
local movers houston32024.193Medium
ppc marketing agency72024.213Low
roseville moving company17024.243Medium
divorce lawyer near new york ny14024.446Medium
lighting company houston360024.473Medium
quickbooks invoicing660024.542Medium
accident lawyers ottawa14024.593Medium
birth asphyxia1810024.62Low
moving companies killeen texas32024.624Medium
business funding group17024.623Medium
moving company st louis mo32024.75Medium
estate planning attorney phoenix21024.734Medium
sewer line repair companies11024.854Medium
cheapest landlord building insurance39024.864Medium
doctor online reputation management21024.864Low
basement waterproofing specialists59024.883Medium
buy domain name and email17024.915High
term life insurance over 5017024.965Medium
best credit card balance transfer3310024.995Medium
what does a personal injury lawyer do480257Low
best website builder for small business810025.016Medium
roofing replacement near me240025.014Medium
tree service portland59025.043Medium
best keto meal kits17025.064High
best online bank account for small business11025.067Medium
business loans las vegas21025.084Medium
condo insurance quote160025.093Medium
registered agent llc california32025.164Medium
partsvu reviews26025.162Medium
visitor management system australia11025.344Medium
age of origins gameplay100025.344Low
best crm990025.342Medium
how to choose a real estate agent when selling21025.419Medium
buying a home with va loan21025.426Low
online business bank account free48025.425Medium
california closets miami39025.483High
lawn care software quickbooks11025.494Medium
practice fusion reviews17025.53Medium
nemt software39025.52Medium
bankruptcy lawyers jackson ms17025.514Medium
life insurance marketplace14025.543Medium
truck insurance near me59025.554Low
tree service marietta ga59025.564Medium
best health insurance plans for small business17025.567Low
creating an llc maryland59025.584Medium
roof replacement houston21025.633Low
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debt relief for veterans59025.674Medium
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revue gestion39025.792Low
hosting service for wordpress59025.814Medium
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rehab centers los angeles130025.94Medium
small business accounting software with payroll48025.926Medium
bankruptcy lawyers indianapolis32025.923Medium
online psychology degree doctorate32025.924Medium
dislyte gift code660025.963Low
lawn care business software21025.974Low
equipment financing810025.982Medium
public liability insurance company100026.014Low
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nursing school online990026.033Medium
live casino deutschland59026.073Low
medical lawyer near me240026.074Medium
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online schools accredited290026.53Medium
inventory software for small businesses190026.535High
roofing companies scottsdale17026.563High
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small business health insurance plans130026.595Low
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start a llc ohio130026.644Medium
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commercial insurance near me100026.74Low
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basement waterproofing near me440026.84Low
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cash out refinance home loans17026.955Medium
best credit cards with zero interest240026.976Medium
order management software for small business26026.986High
car donation tax deduction190027.094Medium
best life insurance deals72027.14Low
mba programs colorado21027.133Medium
bloomberg tech reporter17027.193Low
best invoicing app for contractors26027.235Medium
roofing lead generation32027.253Medium
culture amp4950027.32Low
google pixel 4 xl gsmarena72027.345Low
mba programs massachusetts17027.353Medium
credit loan consolidation360027.363Medium
cheap insurance houston72027.363Medium
tax attorney2710027.372Low
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small business health insurance providers14027.445Low
credit card consolidation loans1210027.444Medium
best credit card consolidation loans240027.455Medium
how do we buy ugly houses work5027.457Medium
beste online casinos nederland130027.474Medium
home owner insurance1210027.553Medium
hire software developers240027.573Medium
scheduling software for small business59027.65High
credit card consolidation loans bad credit59027.616Medium
truck insurance quote240027.693Medium
mba programs houston32027.733Medium
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alcohol treatment centers near me290027.755Medium
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long distance movers san diego130027.765Medium
homeowners insurance13500027.822Medium
basement waterproofing companies160027.833Medium
registered agent llc georgia26027.854Medium
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deel crunchbase100028.022Low
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credit card debt consolidation loans190028.235Medium
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msw degree1810028.912Medium
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marketing seo companies21028.973Low
ubank payid32029.022Low
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southern california food allergy institute130029.065Low
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llc liability insurance cost21029.164Medium
best place to get business loan59029.256Medium
furnace installation companies near me17029.285Medium
term life insurance australia17029.324Medium
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window replacement houston160029.763Medium
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how to sell your house fast by owner14030.088Low
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The term “CPC” stands for “cost per click” and refers to the cost charged by Google Ads for every individual click. This cost varies depending on where you place the ads and can go up to more than $40. In contrast, CPA stands for cost per acquisition. While this is similar to CPC, the main difference is that you only pay once and then receive a commission as a result.

What are high CPC keywords?

Understanding PPC advertising can be challenging. The concept of bidding on keywords and paying per click is confusing even to those with experience in traditional advertising. PPC campaigns need to know what keywords drive the highest cost-per-click (CPC). When you know how valuable these high CPC keywords are, you can use them to improve your campaign, cut costs, and boost your return on investment (ROI).

Keywords with a high CPC tend to be longer and less competitive. It will take some trial and error to find these keywords, as well as time spent researching competitors. The list of 30+ AdSense high-CPC keywords below is also useful.

Keywords with a high cost per click are known as “CPC” keywords. Because they are in high demand and have a large number of clicks, they usually have the most competition. It’s based on the number of people searching for that keyword in their search engine and the amount of money they are willing to spend on an ad.

“Plumbers” and “car insurance” are examples of High CPC keywords.

Why do you need to know about high CPC keywords?

Keywords that pay a lot of money for each click they generate are considered high-paying keywords. The conversion rates of these keywords can be attributed to many factors. However, the best high cost per click keywords all share these characteristics:

  • They are specific
  • They are relevant to the searcher’s query
  • People who click on them are ready to buy
  • They have low-competition
  • They have an appropriate search volume
  • They are easy to rank for

The most popular advertising network is AdSense. It can also be very profitable, and you can monetize your website or blog with it.

How to use these High CPC Keywords?

The above-given keywords are high CPC keywords. You can find their search volume and CPC and competition level in the above table.

  • Copy one keyword from the list.
  • Open our Keyword Research tool and paste it into the page to get the relevant keywords.
  • Then start writing with the primary keywords and sprinkle the related keywords within the content. that’s it.

How to find High CPC Keywords by using the SEMrush tool?

To find the High CPC Keywords, you can use another fantastic internet marketing tool SEMrush. It comes with more than 40 inbuild tools. It has a very good keyword research tool to find high CPC Keywords. First your need a SEMrush account.

To start the signup process with your email and authenticate. It comes with both free and premium versions. You can try the tool with the Free version. Once you sign up finishes,

Open the SEMrush tool and enter any popular website like Quora.com, Wikipedia and so. Then go to the Top Organic Keywords area, and click on view full report.

semrush results page

Now it’s redirected to a new page with a complete keywords list with position, Volume, CPC, and Traffic percentage. then click on the CPC column, and choose the descending order option. The High CPC keywords will come first.

organic search positions

You can export the entire list of high CPC keywords as Microsoft Excell or Google Excell.

export the keywords from semrush

Are you impressed with this tool, if yes, you can try this tool as SEMrush 14 days free trial by using my special magic link.

Top 10 AdSense High CPC Countries List

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Australia
  4. Sweden
  5. Canada
  6. Finland
  7. Denmark
  8. Netherlands
  9. Germany
  10. Switzerland